Friday, 31 October 2014

30 & 31 October

Yesterday started easy as we went to the lions some still feeding their kill and others sleeping and playing. We had some giraffe feeding close to the vehicle. We had some plains game feeding on the fire breaks as it is very nice and green at the moment.

This morning we went back to the lions and they were still feeding, but this time only on the skin and bones of the buffalo carcass. We left them in peace as they fed and it started getting quite. We saw some plains game again. But the call came on the radio that they had found a leopard. It was Quarantine male, busy stalking trying to get an impala for breakfast, but with no luck as the wind was twirling around giving away his position the whole time. Maybe better luck during the day.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

29 & 30 October

29 October 2014

- Nkuhuma male lion lying down close to his kill.
- Unknown female leopard moving south.
- 5 Dagga boy buffaloes resting.
- Big male elephant feeding.
- Mvula male leopard moving south.

30 October 2014

- Bahuti male leopard chasing after a duiker.
- Nkuhuma pride of lions + 2 Matimba males on a fresh buffalo kill.
- 3 cheetahs close to our lodge.
- Breeding heard of elephants 20 feeding.

KInd regards
Nkorho rangers.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

28 & 29 October

Yesterday we had a good drive, we started off with some elephant, some lovely giraffe, we had a whole breeding herd off buffalo and then  Bahuti. On our way home we got the call on the radio that the two Matimba male lions were making their way to Nkorho, We went there straight away just to find them walking along the road then laid down roaring the night night away.

This morning we went west as a fellow ranger let us know that the wild dogs made there way onto the properties that side. We had a lovely sighting of one eating what looked like a baby impala and its mother. After we went in search of some elephant and found a herd with two very small babies. On our way home we bumped into Quarantine male leopard just walking along the road. After viewing him we moved off and found Inkanyeni not to far from the lodge busy stalking a warthog but the warthog bolted as he saw her.

Kind regards
Nkorho Rangers

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

27-28 October 2014

27 October 2014

- Nkuhuma male lion feeding on a buffalo kill.
- 5 Old male buffaloes feeding.
- Breeding heard of elephants 20 feeding.

28 October 2014

- Nkuhuma male lion resting near his kill.
- One of Karulas young male leopards resting.
- Big breeding heard of buffaloes feeding.
- 7 Old male buffalo's resting.
- Breeding heard of elephants 35 moving towards a watering hole.

Kind regards
Nkorho rangers.

Monday, 27 October 2014

26-27 October

Yesterday we had the Nkuhuma pride on the same spot having a bit of play around. Some lazing and the youngsters playing in the tree. We left them as they moved south. We then went towards Thandi as she made a kill in the morning with the cubs being there as well. She was a bit on the angry side as her cubs were a bit far from her in a tree and the wind was blowing a bit as well. We left her had some drinks and one of our vehicles came across Mvula walking along one of the roads and disappeared into thick bush.

This morning mother nature blessed us with 5mm off rain while we were driving. But we had some good sightings none the less. We had Bahuti chasing another male around, unfortunately no one saw who that male was, so we followed him around a bit after he chased the other guy off. We had a nice big bull elephant feeding right next to the vehicle sprinkling some sand on us. We left the big gentle giant and went to Thandi. We had a nice view of her, the impala carcass and her cubs playing around her.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

25 & 26 October

25 October 2014

- Nkuhuma pride of lions 9 resting.
- One of karulas young male leopards.
- Wildogs running all over and feeding on a impala.
- 6 old male buffalo feeding.

26 October 2014

- Nkuhuma pride still resting where we left them the previous night.
- Xivambalane male leopard.
- Break away pride of lions resting.
- Moya's young male leopard still close to the dead hippo.

Kind regards
Nkorho rangers

Saturday, 25 October 2014

24-25 October

What a couple good drives we've had the last week. We started off yesterday with a leopard....... tortoise, very nice to see them again after winter. It was a bit quiet in the east so we went west in search of the wild dogs, as the new guests really wanted to see them. We went there but unfortunately no luck. We heard that some of the other vehicles had found the break away pride deep in the west so we made our way there. Typical  lions, they spent the whole time basking in the sun.

This morning we had tracks of the Nkuhuma pride in the east but they moved more to the south so we left them. We went in search of the wild dogs and with luck we found them sleeping in a burnt area. After the wild dogs we headed towards the hippo carcass and we saw the young male leopard laying close by. He then funny enough went and laid on the deck as if he owned it, posing and giving us some good photo opportunities. He went off a distance and the vultures moved in for a feed but not for long as he then started chasing them away, and just relaxed close to the carcass again.

Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers