Tuesday, 30 December 2014

29 & 30 December

Good Morning
Afternoon Drive
-In the last 3 days it has rained 114mm
-Had some showers on the way out again 
-We went west to see Shadow female leopard feeding on a fresh impala kill
-Pride of lions way west resting just of the road (Breakaways)
-On the way back we saw Torchwood pride (lions) on our driveway
Morning Drive
-We followed up on the lions and found them south of the lodge resting in some long grass
-Shadow was still feeding on the impala but her cub joined her this morning
-On the way back we saw some buffaloes feeding south
-Some nice plains game all around
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Monday, 29 December 2014

28 & 29 December

28 December 2014
- 2 female lionesses of the Stix pride and one of the Matimba males.
- Couple of big male elephants feeding just north of the lodge.
- White tailed mongoose catching a frog right in front if the vehicle.
29 December 2014
- Found a pride of lions just north of our lodge, 3 young ones of about 7-8 months and 5 cubs of about 4-5 months old, not sure witch pride these cubs where from.
- A number of different of general game not to far away from the lodge.
Kind regards
Nkorho Rangers

27 & 28 December

Good Morning
Afternoon Drive 27 Dec
-Found Mvula and the female leopard (Kwatile) still mating and moving south east to the lodge 
-Elephants north of Nkorho pan feeding
Morning Drive 28 Dec
-We had a lot of rain this morning so did not go out on drive 38mm
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

26 & 27 December

                                                                  26 December 2014
- We had about 40mm of rain for the afternoon so we did not go out on drive.

            27 December 2014
- Found Thandi female leopard moving west with both of her cubs.
- After loosing thandi for a bit, as she moved through dens bush, when we relocated her we got a nice surprise, Mvula male leopard mating with another female.
- After the saw each other they moved in opposite directions.
- What a awesome sight seeing 5 leopards in one sighting.
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Friday, 26 December 2014

25 & 26 Decemebr

Good Morning
Christmas Afternoon 25 Dec
-Wild Dogs in the west resting in the shade
-Elephants feeding north along the fence line
-Plenty of buffaloes scattered around in the west
-Breakaways (lion pride) resting in a open area

Morning Drive 26 Dec
-Bahuti caught an Egyptian goose in the air
-Buffaloes resting in the water south west of the lodge
-Lots of plains game standing in the shade as it has been very hot the last few days
Wishing you all a wonderful boxing day
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

24 & 25 December

24 December 2014
- Break away pride of lions resting.
- Mr. Anderson male leopard chased up a tree by n big heard of buffaloes.
- Big male elephant walking across one of the airstrips.
- 3 Old male buffaloes resting.

25 December 2014
- 5 Old male buffaloes resting.
- Red headed weaver building his nest.
- a number of different plains game close to the lodge.
Kind regards and a merry Christmas to all.
Nkorho Rangers

23 & 24 December

Good Morning
Afternoon Drive 23 Dec
-Not a lot happening in the east 
-In the west the breakaways was still resting
-The 2 styx females was next to a road resting
-Elephant bull on the airstrip moving south
-Buffaloes drinking water in a dam
-On the way back we saw a Serval

Morning Drive 24 Dec
-We found Bahuti moving north west and we got a glimpse of him
-Buffaloes resting in a dam
-And some nice bird life close to one of the big dams

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

22 & 23 December

22 December 2014
- Break away pride of lions still resting.
- Pack of wild dogs running all over.
- Xivambalane male leopard moving north away from the lodge.
- 4 Male buffaloes resting in a mud wallow.

 23 December 2014
- Spent the whole morning following Bahuti male leopard watching him hunt some impala but no success.
- Couple of dagga boys feeding.
Kind regards
Nkorho Rangers

Monday, 22 December 2014

21 & 22 December

Good Morning
Afternoon Drive 21 Dec
-Yesterday was very quiet, not a lot in the east so we went west and found some plains game
-Buffaloes resting in a small pond of water
-Elephants swimming in a dam
-Lots of baby Zebra and Wildebeest

Morning Drive 22 Dec
-We found Mvula male leopard east of the lodge marking his territory as he moved north
-We found wild dogs not to far from Mvula feeding on a impala kill that we missed by a few minutes
-The breakaways (Pride of lions) in the west resting underneath some trees
-Moyo's cub was seen briefly on the way back to the lodge
-Buffaloes wallowing in a big dam in the west
-Lots of plains game on the open areas
Kind Regard
Nkorho Rangers

Sunday, 21 December 2014

19 & 20 December

Good Morning
Afternoon Drive 19 Dec
-We found Thandi (female leopard) she gave us a amazing show hunting a squirrel 
-Some Dagga boys (male buffaloes) resting in a dam
-The 2 Styx females (lions) resting close to a termite mound near a open area
-Lots of plains game in the area

Morning Drive 20 Dec
-We found 2 cheetah males moving just east of the lodge they ran after a few impala but no luck
-Wild dogs were on one of the airstrips moving north
-Chameleon was walking on the road and entertaining us by puffing up and displaying
-Vultures feeding on an impala kill in front of the lodge
Kind regards,
Nkorho Rangers