Monday, 30 June 2014

29 - 30 June

Yesterday evening and this morning was quite quiet. We barely left the camp for the afternoon drive and we found a herd of elephant right next to the lodge going south. We sat with the herd as they slowly moved into the covers of the bush. Soon after we came across a very large herd of buffalo, I sat on the southern side of the herd and Pieter sat on the north. 

This morning we headed out to see if we could find the Styx pride as they were following the herd of buffalo the night before. We had a lot of fresh tracks of the pride but unfortunately the tracks headed south into mala mala. I headed west in search of wild dogs but no luck as they only left us tracks, a lot of dagga boys were seen today, we did however find two secretary birds walking along the airstrip on safari. Pieter stayed in the east and found spotted hyenas feeding on a zebra foul. Photos supplied by Pieter.

Bush regards

Sunday, 29 June 2014

28 June Afternoon drive - 29 June Morning drive

Yesterday was a very quite drive for us as we didn't see much on drive. 
Although the safari was very interesting for myself and Jaces.
 Both of us spent some time at two different watering holes watching Hippos playing around. The one watering hole had two big crocodiles resting on a small island catching the last bit of sunlight. 

As the safari came to an ending we found a quit a usual sight. We saw a male and female Ostrich resting South of the lodge. In the morning we also started very slow. A small herd of elephants was spotted on Gowrie Main feeding as they went of. On our way back to the lodge, Bahuti the young male leopard was found resting at a small pond.
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Saturday, 28 June 2014

27 & 28 June

Our afternoon was quite eventful with us chasing wild dogs as they zig-zaged through the bush with us trying to keep up with the pack. This morning we spent with a herd of elephant with youngsters stealing the spotlight as usual. Five down two to go, buffalo an hopefully Cheetah.

Friday, 27 June 2014

26 - 27 June

Our afternoon was a great start for the new guest on their first South African safari. We spent some time in the east looking at common game such as Impala, Kudus, Nyalas and Zebras. But as we got in the west we sat the whole drive with a leopard on a impala kill, it was Moyo’s cub! 
He was just over a year old. So the kill was a very impressive feat for such a small leopard. 
This morning we stayed in the east tracking lions on Annette’s camp, it all was worth it as we found the sub adults, heading over the open area directly south, after great visuals we left them going deeper into the bush. 

After our coffee break we watched giraffe gracefully crossing the road with a herd of zebra short on their heels. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

25 June Afternoon drive - 26 June Morning drive

Yesterday we went back to the west to go and see the Breakaway pride of lions again as they were all resting on a road. 
The females got up to stalk some impala but the game was soon over and they went back to the road and laid down. Making our way back to the lodge we came across a herd of elephants on a small open area busy feeding and breaking branches as they moved of. 
This morning before we went out on the drive we herd some impala alarm calling to the western side of the lodge. We drove of in the direction and ten minutes later we came across Mvula the male leopard walking on a road busy scent marking as walked on. He was resting next to the vehicle as he posed for the guests looking right at us. 

After leaving Mvula we drove of to go search for some elephants again and we got a radio call that the Four-way pride of lions( two males and two females) were spotted just to the east of camp resting under a tree before they head out in the direction of the Kruger National Park
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

24 Afternoon drive - 25 Morning drive

Yesterday as we left the lodge we went back to the area were we left Bahuti the young male leopard. He was spotted resting in a small riverbed. 
After we spent some time with him a radio call from the west came trough that the Breakaway pride of lions was spotted with two of the Majingilanene males also resting inside a riverbed. 
On our way to the lions we came across six Buffalo bulls close to a watering hole. We drove on-warts and bumped into a small breeding herd of elephants drinking water at a pond. Whilst sitting watching the elephants we got a quick visual of a male leopard drinking water from a distance. Finally it was our turn to go watch the lions and what a sighting it was. The youngsters was playing around on a fallen over tree and the Male decided to investigate our vehicle as he walked right pass the vehicle. 

This morning the same pride of lions were spotted again trying to hunt some impala.
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

23 Afternoon drive - 24 Morning drive

Yesterday there wasn't anything exciting happening in the East so we decided to head out to the West. Driving around we saw a herd of elephants feeding close to a water hole. 
Jaces stopped for a sun-downer and got surprised by a pack of Wild- Dogs. Whilst he was enjoying the Wild-Dogs we saw Nsjele the female leopard resting on a small open area.
 On our way back to the lodge we bumped into a small bachelor group of Buffalo feeding. 

This morning started also slow as we only saw general game such as Giraffe, Zebra and some Hippos playing in a watering hole. As our safari draw to an end we spotted Bahuti the young male leopard sleeping in the morning sun.
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Monday, 23 June 2014

22 - 23 June

We spent our evening driving as we had a long road to go to the far west in search of cats, on our journey we were greeted by many plains game, we stopped at a small pan to view a lone hippo bull, he was not very entertained with our presence but this in turn made for great entertainment for our us as the hippo started to display and show off his teeth to heed warning not to tress pass. 
Soon after we headed towards one of the most breath-taking sightings yet. We sat with Salayexe while she was resting on top of a termite mound, calling every twenty odd minutes or so, with a beautiful backdrop of sunset. 
This morning had its fair share of breath-taking moments. 
First a large herd of buffalo came over to Nkorho at JACOBIN OPEN AREA, they were quite uneasy, and with good reason, the styx sub adults were right behind them! 
We sat watching the predators stalking their prey, coming very close but abandoned the hunt as the open area was too revealing, as we left we found Thandi the female leopard also trying to catch her breakfast. She bolted past the car and headed into thick bush covered area, we sat a while and noticed three sub adult kudus and a herd of impalas walking directly towards her, she was so well hidden we could not see her, not even the firs kudu could see her as he walked right by her, she was waiting for the impalas to walk by before she took her chance but unfortunately her camouflage was too good and the second kudu almost stepped on her giving her position away.

Peter also found a beautiful big elephant bull walking north on the road. Great excitement for a cold day