Saturday, 31 January 2015

30 & 31 January

Good Morning

Afternoon Drive 30 Jan
-We did not even have to leave the drive way as the 6 juvenile lions (talamaties) were in front off the lodge moving south
-The Matimba's (male lions) were located on a very big open area south east of the lodge resting in the shade
-The bird life was amazing the last few week so was the general game

Morning Drive 31 Jan
-Mvula's tracks were in the road and as we followed up, we happened to find him walking west and there after he turned north as he marked his territory
-In the west we located the 5 Birmingham male lions resting in the shade
-In front of the lodge in the drainage line Xiluva (Inkanyeni's female cub) caught a mother vervet monkey with a youngster attached to her, Xiluva is still playing with the baby monkey as we left
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

29 & 30 January

29 - 30 January
- We found some members of the Nkuhuma pride on the main road moving north.
- Spend some time with Shadow female leopard searching for a meal.
- The two Styx female lions were still around their kill they made.
- Watched a small herd of elephant feeding close by to the lodge.
- Before we came back to the lodge the Nkuhumas was found resting close to a air strip on a open plain.
- What a great morning we had as we found Xiluwa in front of the lodge keeping an eye on some Impala.
- Found six sub adult lions close to a water hole east from the lodge. We think they might be part of the Talamati pride.
- Mvula was spotted chasing Xivambalane on our plain in front of the lodge.
- We also saw two young elephant bulls having a fight.
                                                         Kind Regards
                                                       Nkorho Rangers

Thursday, 29 January 2015

28 & 29 January

28-29 January
- We found the young female Xiluwa ( Inkanyenis daughter ) with a squirrel kill she made.
- Saw the two Styx females playing around on a airstrip.
- Got to see Tingana resting on top of a termite mound.
- Had a nice sighting of an young elephant bull feeding close to us.
- Found young male cub Makhombo ( Inkanyenis son ) resting close to our entrance road.
- The two Styx female managed to make a kill last night. They both were resting about with full belly's.
- Had a quick visit to the Hyena den and it was very active this morning with all the pups playing around.
Kind Regards
                                                       Nkorho Rangers

Saturday, 24 January 2015

23 & 24 Jan

Good Morning
Afternoon Drive 23 Jan
-We saw some elephants feeding west of the lodge in some thick vegetation
-Beautiful dagga boys ( Buffalo Bulls ) lying in the water cooling off and resting after a days feeding in the sun
-The Hippo's and some lovely bird life around one of the big dams
Morning Drive 24 Jan
-We found the Nkuhuma pride (lions) west of the lodge feeding on a young water buck
-Lots of elephants feeding in the lush green grass
-Bahuti was found on one of the open areas moving east
-Plenty of plains game in the area (impala, wildebeest, kudu, nyala, water buck)
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Friday, 23 January 2015

January 22 & 23

Afternoon Drive
-We had no luck in the east 
-In the west we had a look at the breakaways and the 3 majingilanes still resting close to the road
-We paid a visit to the hyena den, we will post a video of that sighting a bit later today.
-Lots of plains game and a few hippo's in the water playing around
-Plenty of buffaloes in the area

Morning Drive
-We found Thandi and the two cubs behind one of the dam walls resting in the shade
-We stopped at a dam and 2 hyenas came running by into the water and splashed about giving us a show
-General game on the open areas
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Thursday, 22 January 2015

21 - 22 January

Good Morning

Afternoon Drive 21 January

-Had plenty elephants in the area
-The east was not that busy so we moved west as they had the Burmingham males (lions) resting close to a dam, the breakaways (female lions) sleeping in some long grass and 2 of the Majingilane males (lions) laying about and being lazy
-The hyena den was active with the youngsters playing outside
-A few Buffaloes moving around

Morning Drive 22 Jan

-We had some baboons in camp to give the guests a wake up call
-We saw elephants in the area feeding on the fresh fallen marula fruit
-After a while we moved west as the other rangers found the majingilane (male lions) and breakaways (female lions) on a buffalo kill
-Big herd of buffaloes moving north over one of the airstrips

Kind Regards
                                                                                    Nkorho                                                                                                 Rangers

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

20 - 21 January

Afternoon drive started with a bang as we saw Salayexe with a kill. She was just resting close by to where she had her kill in a fallen over tree. Less than a kilometer away from where she was resting Tingana was moving around busy scent marking as he moved towards her location. We found a small herd of elephants feeding before we stopped for a drink break. Last night we had a surprise bush dinner for our guests. Just as they were about to dish up, we had a very welcoming visit from the Torchwood pride of lions hoping to get a free meal.
This morning we got to see two of the four Majingalane males resting. On our way back to the lodge we came across a small herd of elephants moving north.
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

19 - 20 January


- We saw the two Matimba males again still resting about the same spot as this morning.
- We found a small herd of elephants feeding close by to a airstrip. Two males were busy pushing each other around and asserting their dominance.


- The four Birminghams were spotted in the west                              resting about with full belly's.
                           - Driving around we found some Buffalo bulls                                  grazing around.
                           - East from the Lodge we spotted a small herd of                                elephants moving west.

                             Kind Regards
                             Nkorho Rangers

Monday, 19 January 2015

18 - 19 January

- Had a close encounter with a small herd of Elephants West from the lodge.

- What another great experience at the Hyena den site.
- Found the two Matimba brothers resting on a road.

- Bahuti was spotted sleeping up in tree.

- Came across a very upset Elephant. So we left him in peace.Nkorho Rangers

Kind Regards