Thursday, 20 November 2014

19-20 Novembe

Yesterday the lodge was surrounded by many elephant bulls walking around sizing each other up to see who is the boss around. We left them to do their business as we drove of. Only found allot of general game and some Buffalo bulls resting.
This morning we found a small herd of elephants close to waterhole feeding with some of the youngsters trying to scare us but failed badly. We got a radio call that the Burminghum males brothers had killed a sub adult buffalo. What an amazing sight we had of them.
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

18 & 19 November

18 November 2014
- Breeding heard of elephants feeding around our vehicle.
- 2 male elephants close to where xivambalane had his kill.
- 3 old male buffaloes resting.
19 November 2014
- 1 male elephant feeding close to the lodge.
- Xivambalane male leopard resting near one of the watering holes.
- Beautiful flowers of the lowveld area in full bloom.
Kind regards
Nkorho Rangers

17 & 18 November

17 November 2014
- Xivambalane male leopard still at his kill.
- Thandi female leopard moving north.
- 5 male elephants feeding close to the kruger boundary.
- 2 Old male buffaloes moving north.
18 November 2014
- Xivambalane male leopard feeding on his kill.
- Small breeding heard of elephants.
- 14 male buffaloes feeding close to one of the main roads.
Kind regards
Nkorho Rangers

Monday, 17 November 2014

16 & 17 November

Xivambalane was still on his kill he had made yesterday morning sleeping under a thick bush trying to hide from the rain. As we drove off we found a big troop of baboons feeding around a waterhole. The rain was coming down pretty bad at one stage but luckily stopped for a while.
This morning we found Xivambalane still with his kill but only this time he was up in a tree with his kill. He came down and laid down under the tree grooming himself. Found a few Buffalo bulls close to a waterhole.
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Sunday, 16 November 2014

15 & 16 Novmeber

As we left camp yesterday we came across six big elephant bulls feeding east from the lodge. Found a few buffalo bulls resting in and around a small waterhole.

This morning we found Xivambalane with a new Impala kill he made probably early in the morning. Went to the western sector where the Burningham male lions were found resting. On our way back to the lodge we found a loan elephant bull feeding next to the main road.
Kind Regards
Nkorho Rangers

Saturday, 15 November 2014

14 & 15 November

14 November 2014
- Bahuti young male leopard with a baby impala kill.
- Thandi female leopard walking north.
- Breeding heard of buffaloes drinking water at Nkorho pan.
- Big male elephant.

15 November 2014
- Mvula male leopard moving east.
- Old male buffaloes around every corner.
- Breeding heard of elephants drinking water.
Kind regards
Nkorho Rangers

Friday, 14 November 2014

13 & 14 November

Yesterday as we left camp we found a nice small herd of elephants just east from the lodge feeding moving west. a Radio call came through that Bahuti was found resting behind a dam wall in the afternoon heat. We left him to his rest and we drove of only to find a small group of buffalo bulls. Mvula was found West from the lodge sleeping on a road. Not far from him a big herd of buffalo was moving from the south to the north feeding as they went.
This morning we a mother elephant and her calf feeding east of the lodge. Bahuti was found searching for a meal and we left him as he moved of into thick bush.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

12 & 13 Novvember

12 November 2014
- Bahuti male leopard with a baby warthog kill.
- Mvula male leopard resting on the road.
- Thandi's cubs playing in a drainage line.
- Breeding heard of elephants.
- Baby impalas are every where now.
13 November 2014
- Small breading heard of buffaloes.
- Big male elephant.
- Breeding heard of elephants.
- 4 Old male buffaloes close to Nkorho pan.
Kind regards
Nkorho Rangers.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

11 & 12 November

Our afternoon started good with Quarentine male leopard in a tree with a kill he stole from Thandi yesterday morning. We went back to west to go see if the Breakaway pride of lions were active but they were still sleeping on the same spot where they had been found. Saw a small herd of buffalo moving east from Safari airstrip.
This morning started slow as we were driving around just to found some Impala and a lovely herd of Nyala. On our way to have a coffee break, we found Thandi with both her two cubs walking on a road. 
What a special treat and way to end of our morning safari.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

10 & 11 November

10 November 2014

- Xivambalane male leopard resting near one of the pans then moving north.
- Bahuti male leopard feeding on his kill.
- Brief visual of a female leopard.
- Breeding heard of elephants feeding.

11 November 2014

- Bahuti male leopard moved his kill into the drainage line but still feeding.
- Thandi female leopard with a duiker kill.
- Quarantine male leopard close to Thandi.
- Breakaway pride of lions resting.
- 2 Old male elephants feeding, one of witch went to lie down.

Kind regards
Nkorho Rangers.