Sunday, 5 July 2015

4 & 5 July

4th & 5th July 


- Mvula male leopard moving North and then East from Chitwa airstrip.
- Herd of elephants feeding close to Chitwa water hole.
- Found Thandi moving East on Mala Mala boundry, and then moved into the bush looking for a meal.
- Two Buffalo bulls feeding about not far from where we found Thandi.


- Elephant herd feeding East rom Chitwa airstrip.
- Another herd found West from the lodge feeding moving North.
- Inkanyeni found East from the Lodge busy stalking a Steenbuck.
- Quarentine young male Leopard moving about searching for a meal and then got trapped in                                               between a herd of Elephants.

Nkorho Rangers

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